Backpacking Food (102 articles)

Expedition Breakfast Chicken Korma with rice Pasta Bolognaise Veggie Couscous Pasta Bolognese Scrambled Eggs With Cheese Mashed Potatoes with Milk Chocolate muesli with milk powder Mixed Vegetables MORNING OATS WITH RASPBERRY CUSTARD APPLE CRUNCH Pasta with Walnuts Nasi Cashew Scrambled Eggs Mince Beef Hotpot Rice pudding apple-cinnamon CHICKEN FRIED RICE Fleischpflanzerl Jägertopf MACARONI CHEESE Veggie Pasta Bolognese CHICKEN TIKKA WITH RICE SALMON AND BROCCOLI PASTA Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken Risotto with Vegetables Fusilli with spinach and walnuts Curry-cream chicken Beef Stroganoff Chicken Curry Zigeunertopf Chili con Carne Pumpernickel bread Beef Jerky Turkey Jerky Mousse au Chocolate Vanille Dessert CHOCOLATE MOUSSE WITH GRANOLA & CHERRY Crunchy Muesli Cream of Broccoli and Spinach Soup Spring Onion Cream Soup Fruity Curry-cream Rice Vegetable Hotpot Bean Soup Lemon Cream Rice casserole with plums Bread pudding with apples and cinnamon Pasta with creme made from herbs Ham & Cheese Pasta Nasi Sateh Goulash Dessert Mousse au Chocolat Dessert Yogurt with berries Instantdessert Himbeercreme Instant Dessert Mango CHICKEN FAJITA WITH RICE Couscous - lactose-free Vegetable Risotto - vegetarian Spinach and Potato Pot Pasta Siciliana