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From the beginning, and with La Sportiva this goes back to the 1920s, Narciso Delladio spent a lot of time in his little leather and wood workshop. What Narciso certainly could not have anticipated back then is how popular the brand would become within the climbing, bouldering and Alpinist scene. In the early days, it represented wooden clogs and leather boots for loggers and farmers in the Fassa and Fiemme regions of the Italian Dolomites.

La Sportiva: A success story from the mountain world

In the 1950s La Sportiva popularity spreads even further. Francesco Delladio, the son and successor of the founder Narciso, goes beyond making not only boots and shoes for all kinds of outdoor activities, but extends the range to ski boots and more technical footwear, gradually achieving a leading position in the market. La Sportiva wins recognition firstly at the Milanese exhibition, where the brand is unveiled for new designs and sophisticated solutions and later becomes a well-known name throughout Europe.

More than 80 years of passionate innovation

Right from the very start, the family has had a feel for footwear innovation. However what Narciso’s grandchildren along with resourceful shoemakers in the ’80s and ’90s pioneered, still stands – literally, today. La Sportiva’s climbing shoes helped the brand achieve tremendous recognition among the fast-growing climbing scene. Climbing footwear such as the Mythos, Katana, Miura, Miage and Solution has helped climbers conquer rock walls since the 1980s: Athletes worldwide from climbing greats such as Alexander Huber, Nalle Hukkataival to Adam Ondra have been wearing La Sportiva climbing shoes. La Sportiva is inextricably linked to the history of climbing and bouldering.

La Sportiva Shoes: From sandals to expedition boot

La Sportiva shoes can also be found just about everywhere else in the world of mountains – whether attached to ski touring boot crampons in the backcountry, expedition boots, hiking boots, approach shoes and even as an aggressive La Sportiva trail running shoe. This traditional brand’s shoes prove themselves in both expeditions and spectacular first ascents, as well as for everyday wear, global travel or in the climbing and bouldering gym. Wherever superb workmanship, quality, fit performance or a sharp design play a role, La Sportiva shoes stand out – with comfort. Shoes such as the Mythos climbing shoe, the Nepal trekking boot, the Trango or the classic approach shoes Boulder X Fringe or Ganda are an indispensable part of the alpine world. Meanwhile, the traditional manufacturer also has a mountain trail-running collection that offers, among others, winter running shoes.

But that’s not all: La Sportiva Syborg-series, climbing wear & co.

Surprisingly for many, was the comeback that La Sportiva made in 2014: The ski line Syborg for tourers and freeride skiers included touring boots right through to ski touring backpacks up to the ski clothing. Already in the 70s, La Sportiva was enjoying the success that came with its ski boots – lightweight and functionality. Now with ski clothing to round it off completely.

Whether it be a climber or any other mountain enthusiast that travels with the yellow and black logo, has already made a statement for themselves, however, La Sportiva fashion statements don’t just stop at shoes. Today this vibrant label will deck you out from head to toe – a climbing hoody, a vibrant Trucker Cap or a colourful hybrid insulation jacket, are all in the range. The new climbing apparel collection wins with a combo of retro charm and pure functionality for the bouldering and climbing scene! What else would you expect from fashion-conscious Italians! The balancing act between modernity and tradition has been La Sportiva success in every category – it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next!

Brand check La Sportiva

  • La Sportiva, founded in 1928 as ”Calzoleria Sportiva”
  • Well-known for… climbing shoes, expedition boots
  • Famous athletes have represented the brand have been: climbing legends Alex Huber, Adam Ondra, Nalle Hukkataival, Heli Kotter, just to name a few
  • A classic is … the La Sportiva Mythos, the approach shoe Boulder X or the trekking boot Trango.
  • Philosophy … More than 60% of its equipment is produced directly in the Italian headquarters – a global player with strong roots and a focus on mountains. La Sportiva maintains an integrated quality management system, certified by DNV ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001 quality is therefore in the first place!

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