Kohla Freeride Ski Equipment (34 articles)

Separating Foil Stud Set Z-Hooks for Skins Ski Climbing Skins Wax K-Clip Tip fixing I-Fix Rubber impact claw Butterfly Stretch Lock Set Impact claw made of rubber Skistrap 2 Pack Skistrap 2 Pack Skistrap 2 Pack Tip fixation I-Race Multiclip Sytem Skins water-repellent treatment Skin & base cleaning spray Anti Snow Spray Skin Wax Transfertape 4m Set of Rivets (100 pairs) Kids Freeride Mix Air Kids Multifit 120mm Ski Skins Multifit Basic 120mm Ski Skins Vertical Women Multifit 120mm Ski Skins Freeride Mix Air Multifit 135mm Ski Skins Race 100% Mohair 150cm Ski Skins Freeride 135mm Ski Skins Peak Mix Multifit 135mm Ski Skins Vertical Mix Vacuum Base 118mm Ski Skins Vertical Women Vacuum Multifit 120mm Ski Skins T-Bar Tip Bracket Peak Mix Multifit 120mm Ski Skins Vertical Mix Smart Glue 118 mm Ski Skins Alpinist 130mm Climbing Skins