No Tubes NOTUBES tyre sealant 32 oz

No Tubes

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Product description NOTUBES tyre sealant 32 oz
Recommended use:
  • cycling
  • Mountain biking, Road cycling
wheel accessory

Stan’s Tubeless System transforms normal MTB tires into tubeless tires and gives you the choice to ride them with tubeless tires or normale tires without tubes. It gives you full protection from flats, is lighter and more affordable than normal tubeless systems. Stan's Tubeless System secures the tire to both sides. The tyre sealant from latex milk distributes itself evenly thanks to the running of the tire on the inside and creates a protecting layer. If it gets punctured the latex milk seals the hole up to 6 mm and does not let air out.


  • 946 ml bottle NoTubes™
  • Measuring cup
  • Filler plug

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